February 24, 2012 - Tanzania School Project
Lake Oswego, Oregon… Lake Oswego resident Ashley Holmer broke ground on the construction of a secondary school in Mungere Village in rural Tanzania, East Africa in January 2012. As Founder and Executive Director of Red Sweater Project, Ms. Holmer works to forge partnerships with developing communities and dedicated individuals to eradicate extreme poverty through affordable and accessible educational facilities. Ms. Holmer has spent the past seven years living and working amongst African tribes in this effort.

The Bank of Oswego donated $500 to Red Sweater Project to help sustain its efforts in eradicating the cycle of aid dependency through economically innovative solutions. Bridget Smith, Director of Marketing & Public Relations states "The Bank of Oswego fully embraces the mission of Red Sweater Project. The importance of quality education is one of our foremost values, whether that education is local or afar. We are pleased to assist Ms. Holmer with her commitment to enhancing the quality of life, which so closely mirrors our view of 'community'." To learn more or make a donation, go to