October 11, 2005 - LAKE OSWEGO, OREGON...Seventeen representatives from France’s largest financial institution Credit Agricole are visiting Lake Oswego's new community bank, The Bank of Oswego, on October 13, 2005 to learn about their unique customer service strategies and initiatives.

Credit Agricole, is the first bank of France and acquired Credit Lyonnais Bank nearly three years ago. They encourage a high-level of customer service, innovation and community involvement. Their executives are on a west-coast "benchmarking" tour to observe various customer orientation and service cultures in US businesses and banks. They are particularly interested in how The Bank of Oswego is gaining market share with their unique, personalized and efficient approach to customer service.

Participants of the French Credit Agricole group include CEOs of their regional banks, investment banks and insurance companies. They will be given a tour of The Bank of Oswego's new facility and discuss the new bank's operating philosophies, strategic focus and gain insights into their "world-class" service ethic.

The delegation will be in the Portland area for two days before heading to San Francisco. They are being sponsored locally by The Performance Center, an internationally recognized global community which applies research, synthesis and integration of emerging knowledge to develop practical and powerful transformation technologies that contribute to the expanding body of knowledge in the transformation and quality management sciences. Their mission is fourfold:
• To learn as a community of purpose;
• To exchange knowledge and methods in the transformation, leadership and quality management sciences;
• To provide or promote educational activities to the public; and
• To advance our knowledge of leadership, organization and community transformation through action based research.
Mark Maggiora, program manager for The Performance Center emphasized. “We seek to connect world-class leaders with examples of high level performance across the globe in the interest of transforming knowledge into high quality results.” Christian Mayeur, the group's French host said that "we are interested in understanding the links between strategic, economic and social trends, with a particular focus on learning more about customer service strategies and initiatives that US companies are employing to successfully compete".

The group's main areas of interest while visiting The Bank of Oswego are:

---How does the bank manage customer orientation and build sustainable high service performance.

---How does the bank deliver on customer satisfaction and enchantment; how does it "surprise" the customer with unanticipated service.

---How does the bank combine shareholder value, customer satisfaction and social responsibility.

---How does the bank manage customer alignment in back office processes.

---How does the bank manage innovation and customer satisfaction.

Dan Heine, Chairman & CEO of The Bank of Oswego commented that "we are privileged that this distinguished group of international bankers is visiting us here in Lake Oswego, Oregon. We are new, unique and making a name for ourselves when it comes to customer service in the banking industry. It makes all of us proud and want to work harder to retain this professional respect."

The Bank of Oswego serves businesses, individuals, entrepreneurs, women in business, and the mature market through: complete lending and deposit services; a mobile branch courier service; on-line banking; complimentary ATM usage; complimentary access to a "Community Room" for meetings; and an "At Your Service" concierge, who will provide expertise on local attractions, information about local events, and assistance with special arrangements.

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